CHS Students Perform in Tuba Christmas

Thursday, December 19th, 2013
tuba xmas
Tuba Christmas is a concert that plays holiday music for the public. The event’s purpose is to display the graceful and deep sound of the Tuba and Baritone. Tuba and Baritone players appear from all around the world to attend this once in a lifetime event. As one of the rarest instruments in a school band, the Tuba usually has the negative reputation of having a low and cartoonish sound. However, several Chatham Tuba players hoped to prove everyone wrong on December 15th at Rockefeller Center. The Chatham students that attended Tuba Christmas are as follows. Chris Maher, Eric Liotta, Ryan Maher, Blair Dalziel, Justin Hovi, Sean McCarty, and Raaghav Seth. According to Justin Hovi, "It is an amazing event, and it is fun to show off the low brass sound of the Tuba and Baritone." Tuba players had arrived from many different parts of the world, with the farthest locations being Japan and Saudi Arabia. Also, different age groups attended. The youngest member was nine years old, and the oldest member was around eighty. Congratulations to all the Tuba performers and thank you to all the chaperones that assisted during the event.