CHS Student Spotlight: Alex Hart

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014
In this edition, staff writer Matt Gentile sits down with senior Alex Hart to talk about second semester, sports, and CHS extracurriculars.

Hi Alex, with the second half of the year kicking into gear now, what are your expectations for you final semester here at CHS?
Well now with Semester 1 over the pressure of balancing school work with college applications certainly gets relieved a little bit. Right now, I'm focused on keeping up with my work, and celebrating during these final months as I wait to hear back from schools.

I understand previous Seniors on this segment of the Chronicle have had complications with Naviance and the Application Process in general. Have you had any of these problems?
I've had a couple little hiccups in the application process but nothing too major such that it has had any impact on my decisions. Mrs. Kool-Behr is my counselor and she's been a huge help in making sure all of my materials get to where they need to be. I wouldn't have made it through the application process without her.

Also, do you have any advice or insight that you would want to share with upcoming juniors and sophomores?
I'd definitely advise putting in your best effort into school work throughout junior and senior year because those grades are a big part of your academic resume. Make sure you enjoy your time too; it goes by quick. Other than the usual advice, I'd say get ahead on your college apps before the school year so you have more free time to have fun senior year.

Describe yourself in three words.
Intrepid. Charming. Visionary.

Why did you choose those 3 words?
Those three adjectives describe me with overwhelming accuracy.

What has been your favorite class at the High School over your past four years?
My favorite class has been Physics. I took my first Physics class Junior year and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I give a lot of credit to Mr. Bandel for making the class engaging with some very cool demonstrations and activities. The class would not be what it is with all the hands on work we get to do.

I hope you are as eager for the golf season to start up as I am. Do you have any comments or expectations youíd like to share about Chatham Golf?
Well I certainly am, Matt. I can't wait to get out on the course after this cold winter finally comes to a close. I'm very optimistic as we have strong talent this year across all grades which should make for a dynamic set of players. For now, I just hope all the snow melts in time for our first practice!

How do you get involved in the CHS atmosphere besides sports?
I participate in a few of Chatham's many extracurricular clubs. I've been involved in the Applied Physics and Engineering Club since sophomore year where I've worked on some engineering projects with my classmates. Additionally, I briefly held a marketing role during grassroots stages of the Chess Club back in 2012. This year, however, Iíve been most involved with Future Business Leaders of AmericaTM.

I understand that you have a large role in CHS's Future Business Leaders of America.Can you describe to the readers what exactly this club is and what you do as a member?
In Future Business Leaders of America, or FBLA, we meet periodically to discuss various current events in the financial market. Mr. Ahsler, the club supervisor facilitates these discussions and helps us understand different principles of business. This year, I organized and ran the Stock Market Game with help from Connor Sardini and Mark Huelsenbeck. The game has been the center of the club this year with 50 teams participating. These teams are headed individually or with a partner. The online game on allots players $25 million to invest in the stock market. Teams can invest throughout the year while team profits are tracked on a leaderboard. The game is great because it encourages players to pay attention to current events and research investment prospects. The game has brought to light the talents of what may very well be future investors among us. As of 10 Feb 2014, our leader is Mikey DiBenedetto who's currently netting a profit of approximately 1.58 Billion, or 6,315.50 % returns. No, I'm not joking.

What is your favorite memory from your time at the High School?
I can't really pin a single event as being the greatest memory during my four years here. Coming from St. Patrick's School, itís been the process of getting to know and spend time with all the people in my class that has defined my experience here at the high school. The friendships I made here are something special and I wouldn't want things to be any different.
Thanks Matt