CHS Says “Bonjour” and “Hola” to New AP Level Language Courses

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Spanish and French FlagsFrom a young age, we have always been encouraged to become bilingual. Whether it is through the highly educational programs known as Muzzy and Dora the Explorer, or a desire to travel the world and not seem like stereotypical culturally bland Americans, the influence has always surrounded us. When we enter the high school, this is no different. For several years, Chatham High School has provided students with a plethora of clubs and courses to satisfy its students hunger to learn a new language and submerge themselves in a foreign culture. Now, to further nurture its students interests in foreign language, CHS will be adding two new AP level world language courses next year.

The fascinating new courses that will be offered are AP Spanish Literature and Culture and AP Studies in French: Culture and Composition. AP Spanish Literature and Culture is an additional AP spanish course designed to complement AP Spanish Language and Culture. It is a five-credit course offered to twelfth grade student who have a recommendation and are currently enrolled in or have successfully completed AP Spanish Language and Culture. Those who choose to take this course will find themselves completely immersed in Peninsular Spanish, Latin American, and Spanish American culture and history through several riveting novel, works of poetry, short stories, and essays. Themes of cross cultural and textual integration will also be reinforced through studies in Spanish media forms such as films, art, and literary criticisms. By the end of this fabulous course, students will be totally enlightened by their new wealth of knowledge in Spanish culture and literature and feel well prepared for the AP Spanish Literature and Culture exam.

In addition, with the multitude of AP Spanish courses being offered at CHS, French students were bound to become jealous. To put them at ease, CHS will also offer AP Studies in French: Culture and Composition. It will be a five-credit course and requires a recommendation and the successful completion of French 3. It will be complementary to AP French, but does not correlate with an AP exam. Although students will still be expected to regularly showcase the grammatical skills and French language tools they learned in the previous years, there will be void of the stress of finishing the curriculum by May. Through novels, plays, short stories, films, newspaper and magazine articles, and current videos, students will study the rich history of French-speaking countries while seeing a unique picture of the current culture.“I personally am really interested in French culture, and plan on studying in France during college. So, I find the chance to take this new course really exciting,” says sophomore French student Julia Harrison, who intends to include French in her double-major in college. So for those hoping to spend your college years abroad immersing yourself in a glamorous foreign nation’s culture, local life, and, obviously, local cuisine, tack on a new AP language course to help you prepare!