CHS Lax Begins

Thursday, April 7th, 2016
boys lax

All families in Chatham understand the competition in Chatham when it comes to lacrosse. Many boys and girls grow up with a passion for lacrosse, along with a love for their teammates. By the time students reach CHS, goals have been set. For many of those students, a goal for them is to play lacrosse in high school, or make varsity. Eventually, some of those students become leaders and role models to the younger generations coming after them.

The Chronicle interviewed Austin Pierce, a captain of the CHS’s boys lacrosse team, to talk about the goals and responsibilities of every member of the squad and those that come with being the captain. Right from the beginning it is evident that he, and positively all of his teammates, set high goals. Every person that plays a sport knows the importance of setting these high goals because without them, there is no motivation involved. In addition, being a leader takes a lot of responsibility, but Austin obviously felt ready and experienced for this spot. With his experience in both being a great player and having been captain for another sport, the decision must have been clear for him and his other captains as well. Most likely, a captain can be a lot like a coach as they help keep the team in check, but also keep the team lighthearted with their young spirit.

Pierce started off the interview by stating his career goals in his last season as a Cougar:
Austin Pierce: I wanted to accomplish both a county title and state championship.

Lana DePasquale: Did you ever think you would become captain of the lacrosse team, and if you aspired to be, how does it make you feel now that you reached that goal?
AP: I have always wanted to be a captain. Being the captain for the hockey team has prepared me to be a captain for lacrosse. I love being a leader and trying to do what’s best for my team.

LD: What responsibilities come with this?
AP: My responsibilities are making sure that my team and myself are doing all the right things in order to be successful.

LD: So, I guess everyone is wondering the same question… Growing up, what did you have to do differently in order to stand out more than many other of your well-rounded teammates?
AP: I have always believed that working hard at everything you do leads to success, and this is what I have been preaching to myself ever since I was young. Like many famous quotes say, positivity leads to success.

LD: This town seems to revolve around lacrosse, what makes CHS Lax special?
AP:  What makes this team special is the amount of talent and potential it has. Each year the guys are proud to put on the uniforms with Chatham on front, and we are just looking to uphold the

LD: What do you think the key to success would be for the team this year?
AP: I definitely think the chemistry of the team is going to be the key to our success. Our team has to play as a team if we want to be successful. We have to play for each other and not ourselves. Our team motto is “buy in”, meaning that everyone be on the same page and invested in the season.

To achieve chemistry, the players must act and play as a team, and I am sure all CHS sports members would agree! Individuality may be important for strength, but it means nothing without being a team!

The Chronicle wishes the best to the boys and girls lacrosse teams!