Chatham Volleyball's Successful Season

Friday, December 2nd, 2016
Chatham Girls Volleyball had a very successful season this past fall.  They finished their season with a record of 17 and 8, and were able to co-win their conference, sending them into a vicious battle for the state championship.  In the first round of states, the Cougars faced off against Colt’s Neck at home.  Although Colt’s Neck was ranked 13th in the league and Chatham was ranked 14th, Chatham easily pulled off a victory, beating them in two games.  The team then moved on to play West Morris Central, a team that they had beat previously in the season at home.  This time, however, the game was away, leading to different dynamics on the court.  According to senior Elizabeth Mikulewicz, Chatham was hungry for a win, yet allowed the large opposing fan section to get in their heads, leading to them losing composure.  Chatham lost to West Morris Central 2-0, which ended their state run but did not crush their team spirit.  “We knew that those last two games did not define our season because we had become a great and intimidating team,” stated Mikulewicz, “but it wasn't an easy loss to shake off because it was the seniors’ last game and not the only one we should remember.”  Chatham High School should be very proud of the grit and determination of Chatham Volleyball.  Congratulations on an amazing season to all players, and especially to the class of 2017!