Chatham PULP Poetry Festival Preview

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014
The holiday spirit has begun to surface through CHS, as seen with the festive attire that has recently appeared and the constant desire to sing or listen to a Christmas song (most likely “All I want for Christmas is You”). However, before we leave for break, one cannot forget about our own school’s somewhat holiday tradition, the Poetry Festival. Freshmen are eager to find out what awaits at this popular event, while juniors are just happy to get out of class on the last Friday before break after a rough week. Before the Poetry Festival finally arrives, I got the inside scoop from Mrs. Ruffner about what we can expect this year.

The Poetry Festival has been going on for close to 10 years, and it is run by PULP. This club not only runs this event, but also publishes the school’s literary magazine. Mrs. McCabe and Mrs. Ruffner are the advisors for this club. “We continue to hold this event because it is an opportunity for students to get inspirited to write original pieces. These pieces can then be published in the magazine if the student does not feel comfortable performing,” Mrs. Ruffner states about the event as a whole.

This year, there is a nice combination of poetry and musicians/singers performing at the Poetry Festival. No Strings Attached will be making its debut performance, while the Jazz Ensemble, Select, and Voices will also make an appearance. There was a chance the Dance Club was going to perform, but sadly, that is not the case this year. In terms of poetry, there will be more original compositions read than in previous years. This will hopefully allow students to relate and be more engaged in the poetry aspect of the event.

If you only get to attend one period out of the 3, try to make it period 7, it has the most performers. Get in a good mood; enjoy some poetry and music by attending the Poetry Festival.