Chatham High School Faculty Yoga

Monday, February 10th, 2014
Have you noticed that the teachers at CHS seem more relaxed these days? The recent yoga sessions headed by Ms. Egan, French and German teacher here at the high school, may have something to do with that!

With sessions held after school every Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:15, teachers can now look forward to a relaxing break away from the stress of grading and devising lesson plans. Ms. Egan, who has been teaching yoga since last December, is a true yoga professional. A certified yoga instructor, she currently has a two hundred hour certification under her belt and is working hard towards earning her five hundred hour certification.

The type of yoga she specializes in, Vinyasa yoga, is about linking breathing to movement and is characterized by seamless flow between movements. Due to this focus on movement, this particular style of yoga has been likened to dancing.

Benefits of Vinyasa yoga include re-energizing your body, as toxins are expelled through the body’s sweat, and the breathing that complements this form of yoga helps to relax the mind while releasing any blockage on energy flow throughout the body. Ms. Egan believes that the sessions have been very beneficial to teachers and that yoga, in general, is a great way to promote health and relaxation.

Classes are usually small, with about four to five teachers in each session and although mainly female teachers attend her classes, some of the male faculty is getting involved, as well. Attendees include Mr. Montoya, a Spanish teacher, Ms. Marohn, an English teacher, Mrs. Caulfield, a French teacher, and Mr. Hreha, an art teacher.

Ms. Egan created the program hoping that it would be a good stress management tool for the teachers at Chatham High School and that they would experience some of the great health benefits that yoga offers.

Regarding yoga, Ms. Egan firmly believes that people should, “Try it!” noting that there are so many different styles of yoga. So, anyone can find a style that best suits their abilities. Plus, the health benefits speak for themselves. She also mentions that flexibility shouldn’t be a huge concern for anyone that wants to get involved in yoga, and beginners can easily navigate their way into the practice.

Undoubtedly, faculty yoga is promoting healthy living at Chatham High School while helping the teachers to achieve relaxation.