Changes to Lockdown Procedure

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016
Map of US Gun Firings in School
A few weeks ago, the Chatham School District’s lockdown procedure changed from the traditional procedure to a fairly different one. After national studies were done, it was discovered that the lockdown procedure that we formerly utilized, one of more complacent style, was less effective in the event of an emergency, than one that was more offensive and aggressive. According to an LA Times article, since the Sandy Hook school shooting, in 2012, there have been 186 shootings.

Despite the drastic increase and intensity of threats, this is one of the first times that SDOC’s lockdown procedure has changed. The former procedure instructed students to line up beside the door, out of sight, while the door was locked and the shade drawn. The change allows for students and teachers to be more proactive when confronted with a potential dangerous situation. Students are now instructed to, in addition to locking, barricade the door and arm themselves with any form of “weapon” available to them, whether that be textbooks, flasks and beakers, or anything else readily available. Furthermore, certain areas of the school may be instructed to evacuate the building, if they are far enough away from the dangerous area.

This solution has been more effective in lowering the amount of casualties in schools, where shootings have occurred. Hopefully, this new system will allow Chatham High School to be better prepared, if a situation presents itself. If an issue does arise, please listen to all instructions from your teacher and administrators and carry them out effectively and quickly.