The Businessman Candidate: Herman Cain

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Indecision 2012. That is how the upcoming election is being described. The Republican primary so far has been headlined with mediocre candidates, not fit to run this great country. Introduce dark horse Herman Cain, the Southern businessman, a shining hope out of this so far bleak collection of candidates.

Herman Cain is a businessman at heart. After ascending the Pillsbury corporate ladder to the V.P. position, he left to become the regional VP of one of Burger King’s worst producing regions. In three years Cain turned it into the company’s most productive regions. After seeing this successful overhaul, the bankrupt Godfather’s Pizza hired Cain as the company’s CEO and he brought the company back to profitability. In the mid-1990’s after his stint as CEO of Godfather’s, Cain became the Deputy Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Cain has a very impressive resume, albeit not a political one. Maybe that is just what the country needs.

Amidst one of the worst recessions America has ever seen, Cain presents a clear vision for economic growth. Cain has three economic guiding principles. The first being, “Production drives the economy, not spending.” Cain is directly opposing Obama’s deficit spending, claiming we cannot spend out way out of the recession. His second principle is, ”Risk taking drives growth.” Here Cain is acknowledging that job creation and business formation is dependent on entrepreneurs. His third principle is, “Measurements must be dependable,” which simply means that the country must keep a steady value of the dollar. These three guidelines have been compiled into his 999 Plan; a 9% corporate flat tax, a 9% personal flat tax and a 9% national sales tax. Cain has been quoted saying, “ Our tax code is the 21st century version of slavery,” and his radical 999 Plan could help change that. Cain feels that this steadying of taxes would help businesses plan their growth, a key factor in lowering the national unemployment level. Cain has led multiple companies out of bankruptcy and back into profitability. Who is to say that he couldn’t do the same with America?

The issue of Health Care has become a popular topic under the current administration, even being named Obamacare. While President Obama and his administration are claiming to be making health care universal for all Americans, he has actually made health care more expensive and less accessible for American families. “President Obama and the liberals in Congress have dismantled the free market health care system and replaced it with health care “deform,” says Cain. Cain feels health care should not be controlled so strictly by the government, but should rather go back to the individual. With Herman Cain as president, the country would finally establish the robust goals set by the current Obama Administration.

One of the nation’s persistent problems is illegal immigration. Illegal immigration has not surprisingly increased illegal activity, including drug smuggling and human trafficking. There is also the problem of illegal immigration putting a strain on the country’s health care and entitlement systems. These illegal immigrants drive up the cost for all Americans, and have led to the bankrupting of multiple U.S. hospitals. Cain proposes that, “We must secure our borders, enforce our laws and promote the existing path to citizenship.” Cain preaches that this is not for lack of compassion, but rather for respect of the law and avoidance of anarchy. With Cain at the helm of the country, illegal immigration would slowly be eradicated; streamlining the country’s unneeded extra spending on the entitlement and health care systems.

Given the lack of any clear leader among the republican nominees, businessman Herman Cain is starting to shine. Cain is not the typical candidate, considering he has never held public office. However, his background in business could be the evolution of office that America needs.


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