From the Bottom to the Top: Freshman Athletes

Monday, February 2nd, 2015
Jack Rooney

Freshman Jack Rooney

Even though they seem to be the low men on the totem pole because they are the youngest, freshmen athletes have been making a big impact on different sports team each year. Last year, it was Scarlett Blydenburgh winning practically every match she could for girl's tennis, and Timmy Adams vamping up special teams for football, among others who made contributions to multiple different teams. Let's look at some freshmen athletes who are influencing teams so far this year.

John Maurer and Jack Rooney- These two play on the boy's basketball team. They have been seeing a lot of court time and are contributing many three-point shots to the already successful team.

Veronica Kelly, Camryn Davies, and Chloe Blanc- These three ladies play on the girl's basketball team. Veronica brings new height to the forward position. Camryn brings good speed and agility while Chloe has a wonderful sense for the game.

Thomas Winter- He has been seeing some time out on the ice for the hockey team, but despite his size, he is a hard hitter.

Abi Palmer, Serena Riback, Noelle Bessette, Caroline Mahoney- These girls have been contributing to the sprinting/mid-distance portion of the girl's track team.

Lena Parsch- She was destroying the competition in the Third Singles division of girl's tennis. She even made it to the Morris County Semi-Finals.

Camryn Davies and Sophia Reed- These two ladies brought good speed and finesse to the girl's soccer team this past season.

James Paskalides and William Larkey- The two, although small, have been taking their opponents down with ease on the mat for the Wrestling team.

As you go out to support your favorite Chatham Cougar Varsity teams, don't forget to cheer for these phenomenal freshmen. I cannot wait to see what the spring season has to bring to the fields/courts/courses from the freshmen class!