Beware the Ides of the Buzzer Beater: A Review of March Madness 2016

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016
March Madness
To some misguided American citizens, March Madness is just a basketball tournament deemed irrelevant by their busy schedules. But to a particular cult of people, March Madness is a month long holiday, and the light at the end of a dark winter. I speak of course of the disciples of college basketball, who for one month abandon their everyday lives to camp out at their local Buffalo Wild Wings and exist only in a parallel universe that revolves around collegiate basketball. The bracket pools are intense, with the power to sever friendships and break apart families. The amount of research and preparation that goes into creating a superior bracket rivals that of any mission to space or Apple invention ever.


This year’s NCAA men’s tournament proved to be memorable in its own unique way. Seton Hall fans will forever remember that they defeated the champions, Oklahoma will forever suffer at the hands of internet memes, and Kris Jenkins will forever remember that clutch buzzer beater. Before the tournament even commenced there was drama surrounding it. When it was announced that Louisville would be banned from participating as punishment for their alleged recruiting scandal, fans in Kentucky were devastated and forced to seek solace in University of Kentucky’s squad. Unfortunately, they were again let down when they lost a fist-clencher to Indiana 73-67 in the round of 32. Clearly these Wildcats did not have their head in the game. However, the Wildcats of Philly did have their head in the game. In perhaps the most dramatic matches of this year’s tournament, fans saw Jay Wright’s boys from the City of Brotherly Love clinch the championship title for the first time in 31 years. In a dramatic finish, Ryan Arcidiacono flipped the ball backwards to a poised Kris Jenkins, who sunk a buzzer beating jump shot to secure Nova’s 77-74 win. Despite this fantastic final game, let’s hope that in next year’s March Madness, there is at least one perfect bracket left before the Sweet Sixteen.