Ask Broseph! Volume 1

Thursday, October 24th, 2019



For those of you who aren’t aware, the Chronicle has reached out to a professional counselor in order to answer any pressing problems or issues in regards to CHS, schoolwork, relationships, and much more! Aided by the expertise of professional advice-giver and seventh-year senior Broseph McDude Mann, you’re guaranteed to get quality advice!

Dear Broseph, I feel left out! All of my friends are talking about a party at Joe’s house! I don’t even know who Joe is, but when I ask, they start laughing! I just laugh along with them as if I know what happened. What should I do?

Well, I’m not sure who Joe is, but you totally missed out! Everyone was there, I’m talkin P.J, J.P, Olivia, the other Olivia… it was mad fire yo. You totally should’ve come brah!

Dear Broseph, I’m struggling with schoolwork! I want to make time for sports and friends, but my parents really get on my case about homework and it often takes me hours to finish all of it. Everyone else seems so calm, but I’m freaking out! What should I do?

Wowzers! That’s a tough situation! Don’t worry, plenty of people from all grade levels are going through this, even if they don’t show it on the outside. Consider asking a teacher for an extension on a homework assignment (most teachers will allow for it if you tell them before it’s due). Just try to take deep breaths and relax, remember to be wise when time-managing. If all else fails, just remember that professional Fortnite is always an alternative.

Dear Broseph, my friend seems a bit down lately. I think she has lost her pet dog, but I can’t be sure. What should I do to cheer her up?

That’s unfortunate. There are a number of reasons why a person might be down; pressure at school, health, or just not getting enough sleep could be possible causes. However, in this case I fear her lack of enthusiasm is due to her worrying about the fact that many lunch aides are forced to pick up garbage left on the bleachers in the AB gym during lunch. The only way to rekindle your friend’s enthusiasm is to pick up all the trash which is left over on the bleachers.

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