AP Tests Coming Back

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

As the school year winds down here at CHS, students have many things to look forward to: spring break, warm weather, spring sports…and of course AP Exams. In a well-respected school district like Chatham, many AP courses are offered and these opportunities are capitalized by more and more students each year. Teachers do their best from September to fit in a college-level curriculum in before May and aim to prepare all their students to get a 5!

College Board

As stated before, CHS students are lucky enough to be offered multiple AP classes in math, english, languages, and physical and social sciences. This year a new AP course was offered in Chatham, AP Art History. Mr. Meguerian has come back to Chatham this year and continued teacher AP World History, as well as picking up this new course. A senior student taking it in its first year offered has this to share about the course and its teacher: “Art History is an awesome class to take for those who are interested in learning about influential pieces of art since the beginning of time. The class operates just like a college class, Mr. Meguerian puts out a piece of art on the board and we analyze it as a class. His passion for the arts and the analysis is what makes the class so enjoyable.”

While the social sciences have seen an addition to their course offerings, the mathematics department has seen a substantial increase in AP students. This is the first year with 4 AP Calculus AB classes, and Ms. Scerbo is teaching all of them. Ms. Scerbo brings an interesting perspective to her classes because she is also an AP Exam grader for AB Calculus. She will be going back this summer to marking up free response questions from high schoolers from all over the world. After teaching at the AP level for a number of years, Ms. Scerbo has developed a strong passion for students to step up and take on the challenge of an AP math course for multitude of reasons: “Higher level mathematics classes help students learn to think critically and to reason through problems, many of which require much concentration and perseverance. These skills and traits are needed to maintain a level of focus to attain college and graduate degrees. Another reason for taking AP Calculus in high school is to be competitive in today’s changing world. By being open-minded to mathematics, students increase their opportunity to succeed in a technology-based society. Studying AP Calculus guarantees that students have a certain level of mathematical sophistication which is needed in many careers: Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Economics, Computer Science, Networking, and Software Development among many others...my favorite being Math Education!”

In whatever field of study the course may be, all the AP courses at CHS are trying to finish up the curriculum within the month and hope to leave some class time to review before the big test. With some students taking upwards of 5+ AP’s in a year, the first few weeks of May are bound to be a stressful time. The Chronicle wishes students and teachers alike good luck in the coming weeks with all the AP test prep and exams to come!