AP Testing at CHS

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Spring is a stressful time at CHS for many students, and for many that’s because of AP testing. The high school offers a wide variety of challenging courses that all prepare students for the AP tests that are held in the beginning of May.

Alex Godziela, a junior at CHS, said that, “AP testing requires students to study for difficult exams in addition to their regular coursework, making for very stressful conditions during the weeks leading up to the exam.” And he’s absolutely right. A student who wants to do well on an AP test has to participate in review sessions during class and lunch, and also has to review on their own. At the same time, they must keep up with their other classes and extracurricular activities.

Students have a lot going on in the spring. Eleventh grader Trevor Fullman said, “I had a track meet Wednesday and Thursday that went until 8... a math and English test Tuesday... the AP test Thursday, and a Chem test Friday.” When asked about how he thought he did on the test, Mr. Fullman simply stated: “I failed.”

High school junior Emily Guy took two tests this year: AP Psychology and AP Biology. She remarked that, “I felt more prepared for Psych, because there were more people around me studying, and because the information was easier to relate to my life, and that throughout the year I felt that I had understood it better. I felt like I should have studied much more for Bio, my harder one, because even though the score doesn’t mean a whole lot right now, I wish I had studied more so I could have had that knowledge to hold on to. I didn’t think it was awful, I just think I would have felt better if I studied more, and that’s my only regret.”

Mark Liotta, a junior at CHS, said that, “AP testing adds a lot of rewarding stress. Although it is a stressful curriculum that is squeezed in before May, it is a rewarding challenge that allows an introduction to a college level type class in high school."

Mark took the AP English Literature, AP Chemistry, and AP Biology tests, and he said, “I felt well prepared for some and unprepared for others. I felt very prepared for Chemistry and Biology. I was unsure about the AP English Literature because it was different than any other AP course I had taken, but I felt somewhat prepared for it. Mark also stated that, “Because I was taking three tests this year, as opposed to one last year, I felt extra pressure and stress when it came time to study.”

Others however lacked his determination. Chris Walczyk, a senior at CHS, said, “After strenuously working all year during my senior year, it was highly difficult for me to bring myself to study for my advanced placement exams in May. I studied very hard for my AP calculus AB exam, yet I did not exert myself as much while studying for my AP Environmental Science or US Government and Politics exams.”

Because AP scores won’t affect a student’s grade, some students are less compelled to study for them. Many students take the test not only to see how well they’ve mastered the material, but also to be exempt from the course’s final exam. Also, AP scores may or may not be accepted by colleges as credit. Some students won’t study as hard as others because they don’t think there is any reason to. In any case, the tests themselves are always tiring and stressful, but they can yield rewarding results.


AP testing