Anything Goes

C.H.S Theatre Department Presents New Musical
Wednesday, March 19th, 2014


Anything Goes
From March 6th to March 8th, Chatham High School's theatre department presented the Cole Porter classical musical Anything Goes.

This is a comedic tale of misadventures and romance on board an ocean liner, the SS American, which sails from New York to London. The musical, directed by Ms. Lynn Polan, sailed into Chatham High School's auditorium full force with detailed 1930s-era costumes and monumental set pieces built to mimic a real ocean liner. The actors and actresses - from seniors to freshmen - have been rehearsing since December of last year, and their work ethic has certainly shone through.

Audiences were delighted by the witty, fast-paced dialogue and some of the most famous tunes from Anything Goes, including "Blow, Gabriel, Blow", "It's De-Lovely", "I Get a Kick Out of You", and "Anything Goes".

Billy Arnuk, who played Elisha Whitney, a Wall Street boss on the SS American, spoke about the process of pulling such an amazing performance together, as well as its moments of humor. "Something funny happens usually every rehearsal - whether the occasional bathroom trip caught on microphone or the bad line mix-up on stage when someone forgets a line and has to improv or a tongue slips," he remembers. "Every rehearsal brings something new and that's kind of the beauty of each production: there's just so much that goes into the process of making a show happen."

The actors and actresses didn't just take on new identities for the musical either - they formed new friendships as well. Rehearsing almost every school day after last block well into the evening, the cast of Anything Goes was able to form bonds that translated well into the relationships happening on-stage. Billy Arnuk noted that, "The whole cast really does form a strong bond from spending hours after school with each other and from making a show happen; we really become a family by the time performances begin. Something new we did this year was pasta/pizza parties, which athletes tend to do to load up on carbs before meets, though we just did it because... fat."

If Legally Blond and this year's musical are any indication of CHS's theatre department and its students, one thing that definitely goes is heart.