2014 Model Congress Trip

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014
Model Congress Trip
To prepare for this experience, the the Model Congress club met every single week between September and November.  Once selected into the club, students picked a specific committee that they were interested in and drafted a related bill.  They then spent hardworking hours critiquing and editing all of the bills, their own and others, all in the hopes that they pass in committee once they arrive in Washington, D.C. Some of the bill topics consisted of eliminating the penny, raising the minimum wage, changing U.S. relations with China, Cuba, and Palestine, investing in Bio Fuel research, and many more domestic and foreign problems.

Once the students arrived in Washington, D.C., with their advisors of Mr. Carroll and Mrs. Quinn, they spent most of their time in committee sessions, presenting and defending their own bill, or debating other students’ bills. There were around 1,000 students at Model Congress, which made the participants very busy.  Some bills were successful enough to move on to the next round and get voted on again in higher committees. The vast majority of our club’s bills passed their committees, and some were even selected for the next round and passed there too!

When not in committee, the club took sight-seeing trips of the Supreme Court, Congress, the Lincoln, Vietnam, Korean and WWII memorials, and the Museum of American History. Needless to say, the students were very busy with their hard work, but also got to see the amazing sights in Washington, D.C. They also got to meet with Rep. Frelinghuysen of New Jersey, which was a great experience for the students to meet a real Congressman.

In the end, the entire club became more familiar with debate and congressional processes, and this is something they will hopefully further next year so that the students can get a better feel for how Congress runs before attending the next trip. Their trip was an overall success and great experience for the club members interested in our nation’s government!