2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014
Home Alone

'Tis the Season!!

Something that no one wants to receive this holiday season is that dreaded look that screams, "Why the heck would they get me that?!" Whether you suffer from bad gift syndrome or want people to think you're some kind of gifted gift giver, these holiday goodies will be sure to please everyone on your list. Plus, under $20 each, they won't break the bank, either.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Yikes! It's December 23rd and you completely forgot to get a gift for someone, but not to worry, with these gifts, it'll look like you planned out their present ages in advance.

Framed Photos

Photos are always a great gift to give to anyone because they're personal and they can look really nice with the right frame. They can also help to remind the person of a special day you two spent together or a fun memory you have together. You can pick up nice frames anywhere for affordable prices, including Homegoods or TJ Maxx.

Personalized Mugs/Stockings filled with treats and goodies

You can make easy gifts look like you put a lot of thought into them by personalizing it with the recipient's favorite things. Fill a mug or stocking with their favorite candy, favorite movie, or their favorite tea or coffee. You can even get them a gift card to their favorite store and throw it in there as well.

Baked Goods

Baked treats are always great for gifts because they look great and they're tasty too. Roam Pinterest for cute and easy desserts to bake that are equally festive and delicious, such as the ones pictured below. Also linked is a video where you can learn to bake some really fun desserts with step-by-step visual instructions.



Show your Mom you really do appreciate those crafts supply runs at 7:00 PM she did for you when forgot all about that model of the atom that was due the next day. These gifts will be sure to make her feel like the queen she is.


Perfume is great because who wouldn't want to smell like lavender notes and honey suckle, or vanilla with a spicy mix of cinnamon? Roller ball perfumes are especially great because she'll be able to throw it in her purse when she's on the go (plus, they're typically less expensive). This one from Philosophy is amazing and it's only $15.


Shower mom with love in the form of sparkly metals and gems. Jewelry is the no fail gift that (when chosen with discretion) you know she'll always cherish. With so many places to buy from, it can be overwhelming but try sneaking a peak in your mom's jewelry box to find out what she might like.



Slippers are great for when dad's lounging around on the weekends or kicking up his feet to watch the big game. Moccasins are nice because they cover the whole foot and their fuzzy insides will make him feel like he's walking on air.

Thermoses/Travel Mugs

For the dad that's constantly on the go, whether they're driving to work in extremely slow traffic or rushing to get you to your practice or game, a travel mug is great for morning coffee or any other refillable beverage. Go one step further by even including a box of their favorite tea or coffee. This one's versatile enough for everyday and has a convenient handle for easy drinking.


Music themed gifts

Almost everyone enjoys music so a music related gift will surely be appreciated. Headphones are always nice because I know I, personally, am always losing mine. Plus, they come in a variety of styles and sizes. If you can, buy concert tickets to their favorite band. This will give them a memory that they'll remember forever.

Electronic accessories

Pick up a fun cell phone case or a great pair of tech-friendly gloves. Cell phone cases are so versatile that they can be used by anyone and they come in just about every color and pattern. Tech-friendly gloves are awesome because they allow you to text or play on your phone without freezing your hands.