100 Straight for Chatham Girls Swimming

A winning streak that has lasted over 6 seasons
Monday, February 22nd, 2016

By now,  many of you have heard of the girls swim team breathtaking accomplishment. Girls swim had won their 100th straight swim meet on January 30th, which took over a course of six seasons. Apparently, the only anxious moment of their 100th win was when one of the critical swimmers, Hannah Womer, a 10th grader, was running late to the meet. However, she made it just in time to help participate in the freestyle relay.

Girls Freestyle Relay Team

Along with this extraordinary win, the girls also won their 8th consecutive Morris County Championship. With 326 points, the girls were 137 points ahead of the Morristown Girls Swim team! Morristown had 189 points.

I asked two of the many important swimmers on the team, Hannah Womer and Emily Gorham, an 11th grader, “What was going through your minds when you knew what was at stake on the day of the 100th win?”

Womer and Gorham both agreed, and they spoke for the whole team, that everyone was nervous. Nevertheless, the team they were going up against, they had already beaten, and it had filled them with excitement and confidence. They also already beat one of their most challenging opponents.

Gorham said, “Our girls always swim very well, but at counties there is always a certain energy there that is combined with the competition. It made us more motivated, allowing us to swim faster.”

Womer also played into the fact that they were able to swim faster, “It was exciting having more than two teams altogether in one pool, and there was also more break in between the events, so you feel more energized going into each swim!”

Every swimmer could feel this win. Like Helen Keller once said, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” These girls had the ingredients for this win: great swimmers and a whole lot of belief.

Although, some may ask, how can a team be so close, and how much does the support of the team help for each and every girl? Gorham and Womer both said that when they are nervous for a race, or when they are tired and exhausted, they can look to the side of the pool and see about fifty girls cheering them on and supporting other swimmers as well. The secret ingredient to their recipe for success are the loud cheers from their teammates.

There was no way these girls could have lost that meet today, no matter how much negative energy came from other teams. Like Hannah Womer said, “We all walked in and kind of knew it was going to be a good day.”

Congratulations on your 100th swim girls! CHS is cheering you on to keep the streak